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    Comprehensive Consultation

    Every one of us is gifted with an amazing body. No matter how you look at it, no matter what size or shape, our body is designed to function with ease.  Every part is engineered to repair itself if minor damages happen. It just needs the ingredients like proper nutrients, and proper condition (physical, emotional, spiritual) to properly function, eliminate harmful toxins and move regularly.

    The comprehensive holistic consultation begins and centers on you.  Most importantly, your consultation involves listening carefully to you and understanding unique symptoms and needs.  Your critically important preferences are taken into consideration and are the foundation of your personalized health plan.

    The comprehensive consultation and recommendation involves all of you, every aspect of your life.  Your mind, body, and spirit are aspects of your being that are not separate, but interact dynamically and their interactions impact your health

    A Healing Partnership

    Making appropriate changes to improve the quality of your life can often require significant support. Oftentimes, it is difficult to just do it yourself. That is why we provide a caring environment for the patient and loved ones, self-empowering and supporting them to help create a better healing partnership.

    During your consultation, you will complete multiple questionnaires, based on your health condition, and our licensed physician will review your medical records. You will also do some body scans inside the clinic to better assess some functional details. This information will help her make a thorough assessment of your current health that will assist her in creating your personalized, comprehensive holistic plan to achieve your health goals, based on your needs, goals, and preferences. Your integrative holistic plan will help you to create a healthy internal environment that will allow your body to function with ease, as it was designed. The recommendations given are designed to heal and regenerate the unhealthy environment which created dysfunction and lead to your disease.

    Many clients have sought services when conventional methods have failed or when they felt unheard and their symptoms were disregarded by their physician, due to their failure to identify the cause.

    A comprehensive consultation is vital before we start any treatment.

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