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    Major Autohemotherapy

    Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) is a form of high dose ozone therapy. The procedure during which blood is drawn, mixed with an ozone/oxygen mix, and then reinserted into the patient. Usually, between 100 and 200 ml of blood are extracted and mixed with an equal volume of gas at different ozone concentrations.

    There are two different ways to perform MAH: normobarically or hyperbarically.

    Normobaric MAH means only the force of gravity is used to both withdraw and re-inject blood. To draw blood into the bag, once places it below the patient’s arm. To re-infuse it, one places the bag with ozone and blood above the patient’s arm. Gravity causes the blood to either flow into the bag, or from the bag back into the patient’s arm. HICC uses Longevity Ozone Generators and Zotzmann Ozon 2000 to perform this procedure.

    Hyperbaric MAH is performed with the use of special ozone machines. Those can create both negative (vacuum) and positive (hyperbaric) pressure. There are currently two such hyperbaric ozone machines on the market: the Zotzmann Ozon 2000 and the Herrmann Hyper Medozon comfort. HICC uses Zotzmann Ozon 2000, because while other ozone generators are inconsistent and unreliable, Zotzmann Ozon 2000 is highly accurate and delivers the exact concentration of ozone. Always ask your doctor which kind of generator he uses, as it is a huge factor in the procedure.

    Minor Autohemotherapy

    Instead of using gravity to draw blood from the patient, a vacuum is created inside the bottle. Once the patient’s vein is punctured, blood is sucked into the bottle by the vacuum. Inside the bottle is an anti-coagulant, either sodium citrate or heparin, to prevent the blood from clotting.

    Ten (10) Pass High Dose Ozone Therapy

    The “10 Pass” method is roughly equal to 10 hyperbaric administrations of Major Autohemotherapy, but at a higher ozone concentration.

    The hyperbaric Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) supplies around 150 ml of ozone at a concentration of around 40 ug/ml, which amounts to a total ozone dosage of around 6,000 ug or 6 mg. So the Ozone High Dose uses over 23 times more ozone than one MAH.

    The advantages of the 10 pass method over a MAH are more ozone in a shorter amount of time and better saturation of erythrocytes with oxygen.

    It’s also said that the positive pressure during hyperbaric ozone applications protects the red blood cells from being damaged, unlike with normobaric ozone IVs, where the mechanical movement of the patient’s blood causes trauma to the cells.

    Dr. Lahodny recommends daily administrations of OHT for up to one month for certain conditions. Another approach is to give patients one OHT per week for 10 weeks. This, he claims, cures “nearly all illnesses”. He says it’s the only therapy which is “nearly always successful”. Allegedly, some conditions can be reversed after just one 10 Pass.

    Dr. Lahodny is also convinced that the 10 pass method stimulates stem cell production. He concludes this from the observation that chronic wounds sometimes heal within 48 hours of the Ozone High Dose, which is the same result one achieves from an injection of cultured stem cells.

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