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    Univase Forte - (RFF Inc) 200 capsules

    Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc.


    The Most Potent Enzymes And Most Useful Supplements Available

    \nPardon us for crowing, but we have simply the best enzyme on the market, bar none. NO ONE makes an enzyme with as much as α-chymotrypsin (an extremely potent and long-lived proteolytic enzyme) as we do. Compare our ingredients to other so-called “high-potency” enzyme formulations and big name European-made enzymes then compare prices. And now we’ve added Natto-Kinase to make this formulation simply unbeatable. \n \nOur high potency proteolytic enzyme formulas contain a mixture of several different enzymes as well as other synergistic nutrients to enhance the nutritional benefits of this powerful blend of enzymes. It used to be that this product would be best delivered in tablet form. Since stomach acid is highly destructive to pancreatic enzymes and to most plant source enzymes and since capsules are quickly broken down in the stomach, the use of old-style capsules with enzymes is a bad idea. But advances in technology have changed that. Now gelatin capsules can be effectively enteric coated, just like tablets. \n \nFor most nutrients, passing through the stomach does no harm and in some cases is helpful and even necessary, but it is not good for most enzymes. Since capsules in the past could not be enteric coated, any enzyme formula in a capsule form was formerly likely to be of a greatly diminished value. Beware of the term “enteric coated.” \n \nAn enteric coating is one that is placed over a tablet or capsule to protect its contents. However, unless it says ” pH sensitive” before enteric coating, you may be getting a simple protein or even vegetable shellac coating. Protein coatings do work to a limited degree, but can be digested by stomach acid, thus exposing enzymes to premature destruction. Sometimes, the protein coat survives the stomach, and unfortunately the duodenum as well, allowing the tablet to pass through the system undigested. \n

    Univase Forte Facts

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    Ingredient (per each single capsule)(Amount)/Total Units
    Pancreatin1850 mg
    alpha-Chymotrypsin(60 mg) 12,000 USP U
    Trypsin(960 mg) 72,000 USP U
    Natto-kinase(20 mg) 400 FU
    Papain(150 mg) 66,000 USP U
    Bromelain(150 mg) 12 GDU
    Amylase(105 mg) 525 DU
    Lipase(50 mg) 100 U
    Super-Oxide Dismutase(10 mg) 80 U
    Catalase7 mg
    \n*Univase™ and Univase Forte™ names are new names for Megazyme** and Megazymy Forte** \n \nNote that we are now reporting total units per single capsule in order to make it easier for you to compare with competitive products \n \nTHESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE \n \n**Megazyme is a registered trademark of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc